A list of useful resources for current and prospective Chi students and their clients

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Chi Links

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Chi Bookstore

Shop and browse textbooks for class and acupuncture needles for your patients

Chi Portal

Access the courses you've enrolled for and learn on the go

Chi Vet Finder

Find integrative veterinarians who've gone through Chi's curriculum

CE Scholarships

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Vet school students

The Chi Vet Student Scholarship makes learning acupuncture more accessible for current vet students

Study abroad

The Chi Study Abroad Scholarship is an opportunity for vet school students to learn acupuncture in China

Vet school faculty & residents

The Academic Scholarships makes learning acupuncture and canine rehabilitation more accessible for current vet school faculty and residents

Other Links

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TCVM Job Listing

Browse job postings from practices looking for holistic veterinarians to join their team

Volunteering at Chi

Contribute and help veterinarians learn acupuncture by getting free treatment for your animals

Downloadable Resources

Download an array of resources such as excerpts of textbooks and useful forms for your holistic patients