Scholarship Opportunites for F-1 Students


International Residential Master's Degree Program Scholarship

Chi University, recognizing the need to cultivate innovative talents with global competitiveness, has established a scholarship program for international veterinary medicine graduates. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to students completing their graduate studies in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and Integrated Veterinary Medicine (IVM). Chi University encourages all ambitious students to engage in international exchanges and thrive academically.

International Residential Scholarship Awards:

  • Level I: $15,000
  • Level II: $10,000
  • Level III: $5,000

International Residential Scholarship Award Requirements:

  • Admitted into the MSTCVM, MSIVM-C, or MSIVM-E program.
  • Qualified as an eligible F-1 student (international student studying fulltime at Chi University campus)

How to apply:

  1. Apply for the MSTCVM, MSIVM-C, or MSIVM-E program. Detailed information on general application submission can be found at

  2. Submit the following materials to using the email subject "International Residential Scholarship Application."

    • A cover letter (up to 500 words) explaining why you want to apply for this scholarship and how it will help you achieve your professional goals.
    • Two letters of recommendation from university professors
    • A curriculum vitae (CV)

Selection and Notification of Scholarship Recipients

The scholarship committee will review completed scholarship applications. Based on the information submitted, the scholarship award notification will be sent to the recipient on a rolling basis.

Scholarship Distribution

This scholarship funds will be distributed in 6 semesters (2 years) and applied proportionately to each semester Tuition and fees. Students are responsible for all tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship funds. Students are responsible for their living expenses.

Maintaining Eligibility for Scholarship

Scholarship recipients remain eligible while enrolled full-time and maintaining satisfactory progress toward completing their degree. If a student is granted a leave of absence, the scholarship is placed on hold until the student returns.

Life in the United States as an F1 student

For more information about life in the U.S. as an F1 student, please visit

Research Assistantship


Research Assistantship

Chi University offers a Research Assistantship (RA) to a selected number of students admitted to the MSTCVM program. The RA requires working at Chi University Biomedicine Research Center (BRC) and grants a monthly stipend of approximately $1,200 and paid tuition and fees balance. Students in either their first or second year of enrollment in the MSTCVM program may be selected for this position. The first RA positions will be available starting from the Fall 2025 semester (August 2025).

Students are eligible to apply for the Research Assistantship (RA) if they:

  1. Have applied for and been admitted into the MSTCVM program. Detailed information on applying can be found at

  2. Are a US citizen, legal permanent resident, or F-1 student in the MSTCVM program at Chi University

  3. Show practical experience and skills in biomedical research. Preference will be given to candidates with two years of experience in Western blotting, ELISA, DNA purification, microscopy, or cell culture techniques. (Note: If you do not have these research skills, you can acquire them during your first year as an MSTCVM student by enrolling in elective research training courses, then applying for the RA in your second year.)

  4. Are proficient in both written and spoken English equivalent to C1 on CEFR.

    • Examples: A minimum score of 95 on the Internet Based Test (iBT); 7 on the International English Language Test (IELTS); 76 on the Pearson Test of English; 130 on the Duolingo English Test; or 64 on the 4-skill Michigan English Test (MET), or 650/LP on the Michigan Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE). An international applicant may be exempt if: 1. Applicant earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from an institution where the primary language for learning was English, or 2. Applicant is a citizen of an English-speaking country.
  5. Pass an online interview conducted by Chi University faculty and/or staff (qualified applicants only)

In addition to steps 1-5 above, please email the following to

  • Two letters of recommendation from university professors
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter (500 words) to explain why you are applying for the RA

Selection and Notification of RA Candidates

A research assistantship committee will review all applications received, and based on the information submitted, eligible applicants will be ranked. The top ranked applicant(s) will be offered an assistantship depending on the need of BRC.

Maintaining Eligibility for Assistantship

Recipients of the assistantship remain eligible while they are enrolled in the MSTCVM program full-time, maintain satisfactory progress towards completion of their degree, and maintain satisfactory part-time employment (20 hours per week while classes are in session and 40 hours per week during semester breaks) on campus at the BRC during each academic semester (three 15-week semesters per year for two years). Research Assistants are expected to work during semester breaks. In the event the student is granted a leave of absence, the assistantship is placed on hold until the student returns. Assistantship funds for tuition may not be distributed if the student is not actively attending MSTCVM classes and employed at the BRC.

In the event the student withdraws or is withdrawn, any tuition refund due, in accordance with Chi University’s refund policy, will be returned to the assistantship program, and funds awarded and undistributed will be returned to the assistantship fund for future assistantship recipients.