Veterinary Acupuncture Certification Track

Learn all the tools you need to fully integrate acupuncture into your practice

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CE Course Overview

The Acupuncture in China course is a way for students to start their acupuncture journey while exploring China. Students may choose between two tracks: Canine and Equine. The Canine track will focus on osteoarthritis and IVDD.

This course is equivalent to Session 1 and 2 of the basic acupuncture course offered by Chi on its Main Campus in the USA. Upon completion of this course, students are eligible to continue with Sessions 3-5 at any of our other CVA courses around the world. Upon completion of all 5 sessions and all other requirements, students will obtain their Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) certification.

To enroll in this course you must be either a license veterinarian or you must have completed at least one year of school at an accredited college of veterinary medicine (CVM) by the start date of the course.

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Major Topics

In this course, you will learn:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of veterinary acupuncture
  • Learn the top 166 acupuncture points (acupoints) in dogs
  • Master the use, indications and contraindications of dry needling, aqua-acupuncture, moxibustion, and electro-acupuncture
  • Learn to use acupuncture for the treatment of arthritis, neurological, reproductive, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders in dogs
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Additional Benefits

Once enrolled for the Acupuncture Certification Track at Chi, you will receive:

  • Complimentary canine acupoint chart
  • Complimentary 32-hour Evidence-Based Veterinary Acupuncture Course
  • 1-year complimentary membership with the World Association of TCVM (WATCVM)
  • Free lifetime case consultation by Chi faculty

CE Course Highlights

Join a limited class of students with small lab groups of 5-6 members per instructor

Learn acupuncture while exploring China

Free lifetime case consultations with TCVM experts

Clinical practice receives strong emphasis throughout the entire program

Each day starts with Tai-ji to promote a balanced learning environment

Veterinary Acupuncture Certification Track

Taught in English

For veterinarians & veterinary students only

58 RACE approved CE hours


Introduction to Whole Course and History of Veterinary Acupuncture


What is Acupuncture?


Scientific Basis of Veterinary Acupuncture




Eight Principles


Five Elements


Zang-Fu Physiology


Channels and Meridians


General Rules of Acupuncture


Indications for Veterinary Acupuncture


How to Start your Acupuncture Practice: Cookbook


How to Integrate Acupuncture into your Practice


Anatomy for Acupuncturists


Canine Point Lab


Tutoring, Real Case Demo, and Question & Answer


Five Elements


Zang-Fu physiology


Five-shu Transporting, Source, Back-shu, Front-mu, and Influential Acupuncture Points


Other Special Points


Introduction to TCVM Diagnosis


Acupuncture Needling Techniques


How to Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders


How to Treat Respiratory Disorders


How to Treat Bi/Wei Syndromes


How to Treat Osteoarthritis and IVDD


Demo - How to Treat Canine Cases


Students of the Veterinary Acupuncture program are eligible for the Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist certification endorsed by Chi University and the World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (WATCVM). The CVA certification requirements are as follows:

  • Complete all sessions of the program

  • Pass three online quizzes with scores above 75%

  • Pass the final written exam in the final on-site session with a score above 75%

  • Pass the clinical acupoint exam in the final on-site session with a score above 75%

  • Submit one veterinary acupuncture case report to be approved

  • Complete 30 hours of advanced TCVM program training or internship with a certified veterinary acupuncturist

Please note that Chi cannot issue any certification to veterinary students until their DVM or equivalent has been obtained.

See the documents needed for certification here


Dr. Xie has 38 years of clinical, teaching, and research experience in veterinary acupuncture and TCVM. He has trained over 10,000 veterinarians to practice TCVM worldwide. Dr. Xie’s education includes advanced training in veterinary medicine, veterinary acupuncture, and human acupuncture. Dr. Xie has authored 20 books and over 100 peer-reviewed papers. His textbooks, including Xie’s Veterinary Herbology, Xie’s Veterinary Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine-Fundamental Principles, have been used for TCVM training programs around the world. Dr. Xie continues to teach and develop educational courses and programs at Chi University, serves as a full clinical professor at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and is an honorary professor at China Agricultural University, South China Agricultural University, and China Southwest University.

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Dr. Chrisman received her DVM from Michigan State University in 1968, an MS degree from the Ohio State University in 1974 and became certified in veterinary neurology by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 1976. Dr. Chrisman is a certified veterinary acupuncturist from Chi. She was a professor and Chief of the Neurology Service at UF for 30 years and integrated acupuncture into her neurology practice as well as a member of the UF Acupuncture Service. She is a Professor Emeritus at UF as well as the former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is on the Executive Board of the American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Hanwen Cheng practices in New Taipei City, Taiwan. He received his DVM degree from National Chia Yi University. Dr. Cheng is the President of The Chinese Society of Traditional Veterinary Science, and the Vice Chairman of the Fourth Members Conference of Asian Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Cheng has been invited to speak by different veterinary medical associations, including the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, the Chinese Society of Traditional Veterinary Science, Chi University, and other various universities. Dr. Cheng received the Taiwan Outstanding Veterinarian Award by National Veterinary Festival in 1999 and was recognized as one of the Top Ten International TCVM Practitioners by Global Sun Samiao in 2012.

Dr. Min Su Kim received his DVM from Kyungpook National University of Veterinary Medicine and PhD degree from the Seoul National University in 2006 with acupuncture and surgery studies. Then, he completed an internship in acupuncture at the University of Florida (UF) Veterinary Medical Center. He is associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University and has been working as a research professor at Indiana Medical School. He has authored over 5 books of veterinary surgery and traditional veterinary medicine and published over 90 papers on veterinary surgery and acupuncture in peer-reviewed journals. He has been working as academic committee chair in both Korean Society of Veterinary Surgery (KSVS) and Korean Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine (KSTVM). He has been one of the major speakers and instructors at the Chi courses in South Korea and Beijing.

Enrollment Options

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Schedule & Tuition

Session 1 includes the $100 application fee.

Payment Information

A $100 non-refundable course deposit is charged upon enrollment to reserve your seat.

Payment is due 60 days before the first day of each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must start at session one and continue along in order. If you have mitigating circumstances, you will have to defer all following sessions until the next semester.